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Classes at The Lifelong Learning Center
formerly Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center
taught by Nora McDougall-Collins

This page is for your information and convenience only. For class prices or to sign up, please contact the Dickinson office directly

Recommended Courses

The following courses will also help you with your web development:

Photography and Photoshop Classes
taught by Kathy Eyster

WordPress - taught by Phyllis Erck

Web Development Course

  • Using a browser to find web pages.
  • Creating a new file (if you can do this in Microsoft Word, that will do it!)
  • Deleting a file
  • Creating a folder – you should be able to do this in Windows and in the Save type dialog boxes in all Windows programs.
  • Saving a file to a specific folder.
  • Renaming a file or folder both in Windows and in the file dialog boxes.
  • Keyboarding skills - expect to have to type!
  • If you use a Mac: you are welcome to bring your Mac laptop to class. However, the web development classes are not structured to help you create folders, find your files, save your files or move your files on your Mac. You MUST have these skills before you take the web development courses. We have received a number of complaints from other students about their own loss of class time for students needing this type of help.

There will not be time in these courses to teach these skills. If you need to brush up on them, please take the Introduction to Personal Computer course before enrolling in the Web Development Series courses!

Skills Classes Recommendations:

  1. Introduction to Mac Computers: F09-24
  2. Getting Started with Mac OS X: F09-25
  3. Mac Troubleshooting Workshop: F09-30
  4. Touch Typing on a PC: F09-1
  5. Getting Started with Windows XP: F09-4
  6. Getting Started with Windows Vista: F09-5

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