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Viruses, Scams and Fakes


  1. With WordPress it's Easy, Right?
  2. That Mysterious WordPress Loop
  3. Overriding a WordPress Function
  1. How to find out who owns a Domain Name
  2. What is a Web Host
  3. An introduction to HTML
  4. Tips for Working with a Web Developer
  5. Managing your Web Development Process
  6. Tasks to Plan for in Building your WebSite
  7. Web site models
  8. Copyright
  9. Can Visitors Use your Links?
Web Programming
  1. How to Find Software to Add Functionality to your Website
  2. What is JavaScript?
  3. Using Javascript to Create an Alert Box on an Web Page
  4. What is a String and what is the difference between a "hard-coded" string and a Variable?
  5. Math and Variables with JavaScript
  6. Gathering information from an HTML form with JavaScript
  7. Removing the virus
  8. Regular Expressions
  9. When to Use Double and Single Quotes
  10. What is a .htaccess file?
  11. PHP and HTML for a State Dropdown
  1. Working with Files in Dreamweaver
  2. How Dreamweaver Works with your Browser and Local Files
  3. How to set up a web site in Dreamweaver
  4. File Management and Backup Strategies
  5. Template Headaches (Problems)
  6. About Forms
  7. How to Create an Image Rollover in Dreamweaver 8
Web Construction Topics
Website Marketing
  1. Web File Basics: Viewing and Manipulating an HTML File
  2. Web File Basics: Using a Text Editor to Work on HTML Files
  3. Introduction to HTML
  4. Images: "Dimension" Or "Dementia" - What Effect Do Your Background Images Produce?
  5. Images: Beginning with Photoshop for your Website
  6. Images: Preparing Photos for your Website
  7. Images: Where are the Images in the Code?
  8. Page Structure: What is a "Framed" web site?
  9. Page Structure: The Properties of HTML Tables
  10. Page Structure: So, What is CSS, Anyway?
  11. Page Structure: Properties of CSS Margins and Padding
  12. Page Structure: Quotes about CSS
  13. Links: Creating Website Links
  14. Forms: What are Forms?
  1. Don’t Expect Profits from a Neglected Website
  2. Analysis: Adding Google Analytics to your Website
  3. Analysis: Setting up Google Alerts to Track Online Mentions of your Business
  4. Emailed Newsletters: Be a Source of Knowledge, not a Spammer
  5. Emailed Newsletters: Choosing a Topic for a Newsletter Article
  6. Emailed Newsletters: Preparing your Digital Newsletter
  7. Twitter: Is that Really Someone you Want to Follow?


Windows & Hardware
  1. What is a Computer?
  2. What is a Computer Mouse?
  3. How to take a ScreenShot - how to make a graphic of exactly what's on your computer screen.
  4. The Difference Between Save and Save As
  5. Copying Files
  6. Mistakes in Copying Files
  7. Files, Folders and Programs
  8. Types of software
  1. 10 Ways to Mess up your Database Design
  2. Microsoft Access Tips
  3. Why Database Design is So Important
Viruses, Scams and Fakes
Course Syllabi
  1. Black Hat SEO: Scraper Sites & Misuse of your Website Content
  2. Protect yourself: Choosing Good Passwords
  3. Scam: Are those "Tweeter" Ads for Real?
  4. Scam: Chinese Domain Name Scam
  5. Scam: NACHA Phishing Scam
  6. Virus: Browser Hijack
  7. Unethical practicess: Taking advantage of non-profit sport events
  8. Virus: How to get a Trojan Horse
  9. Virus: Your Website can Get a Trojan Horse Too


  1. Website Basics for Mere Mortals
  2. Search Engine Positioning
  3. Social Networking for Business
  4. Even the Average Human Can Do HTML
  5. Web Development with Dreamweaver 2
  6. Web Development with Cascading Style Sheets
  7. Basic Web Programming 1
  8. Basic Web Programming 2
  9. Beyond the WordPress Dashboard
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