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Comments from Students and Clients

Ann Loughlin - Golf ProWeb Development classes 2004
"I have taken Nora's website design class and she is a fantastic teacher. She is very knowledgeable, entertaining, and works individually with all the students. In addition, I found her willing to "go the extra mile" whenever anyone asked or had a question. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her."
Ann Loughlin - Golf Pro
Loughlin Golf

Pam Diedrich - ProgrammerWeb Development classes 2009
"I took several web classes from Nora. She has a clear goal for each of her classes and is determined that all students in the class meet this goal. She presents the material in a fun and engaging style and is always willing to answer questions. She saved me hours of beating my head against the wall by sharing her own web page design pitfalls and troubleshooting techniques. I really appreciate learning from someone who works in the field she teaches."
Pamela Diedrich

Wood Sculpture by Tom Kellner

Wood Website Success Workshops in Brattleboro, VT
"Nora presented much more information than I expected, in a Very orderly and rational manner that made it easy to understand all of the relationships and priorities as one ( like myself ) endeavors to create & refine my web presence. For me personnally, dealling with Nora was delightful. Her overflowing positive energy invigorates my attitude and the energy I am putting into action to follow through with her suggestions. I most appreciate the hour she took with me before the group to understand my work, evaluate each aspect and part of my already established website. The facility is excellent with overhead projector and fast wireless connections. And as you know, the buffet it the spot , perfect. "
  Tom Kellner - Sculptor
  Kellner Design

Michael Santana, founder of LawBoost writing courses for law studentsClient since 2004
"When I was starting my online education website Nora was the first person I turned to, and her advice was right on the money. Over the last five years she has developed two websites for me, and she is still the first person I turn to when I have a website question. She has been great!"
  Michael Santana

Kathy Eyster Photography Instructor

"The thing I've appreciated the most from your web site classes is your real world experiences. You share these to show us both what to do and not to do. It both strengthens your credibility as a teacher and reinforces what you're teaching. And I like your sense of humor too!"
  Kathy Eyster Photography
  Digital Photography Instruction

Corey Gucker: Missoula, Montana

Student 2008
"With Nora's help, I finally understand the interconnections between internet navigation, web hosting, and website construction. Her experience, preparedness, and dedication help to fill each of her classes with nothing but useful information. Nora makes computer science principles genuinely understandable and interesting"
  Corey Gucker


Jim and Sara Streeter Kayak in the Seeley Swan ValleyStudent 2008
"We took Nora's "Web Site Design and Marketing" and introductory Dreamweaver classes. We found Nora very knowledgeable, well-prepared, and never afraid to share her opinion! She encouraged us to create own design rather than just use a canned format, and always offered valuable suggestions and critique. She keeps current on the fast-changing world of web design and brings that to the classroom in a very clear and engaging style."
Jim and Sara Streeter

Laura McCarthy of Smakwater and Sprezzatura Kennels"Through your website marketing, and design class, we learned to consider what we wanted in a website, which included who the target audience is, what the intended message is, and developing a vision for such a website. We also learned about the components of a website, and the importance of employing a web presence strategy that considers time efficient delivery, appearance, and search optimization.

With our new understanding, we decided to choose a qualified web master to produce and host the website. Because of this strategy, our website was up within three months of beginning to work on it.  Within a month, the site placed in the top three categorical positions when performing a Google search.  In addition, our development costs improved by 57% over our original estimates, and after reviewing our market inquiries we found that the website generated nearly 70% of all inquiries, and more importantly it delivered over 80% of the inquiries that produced revenue."
John & Laura McCarthy
Smakwater and Sprezzatura Kennels

David Larson, Director of the Missoula Christian NetworkStudent 2008
"... you have a great way of not only getting the information across to each one, you take the time to answer questions, help each one as they needed it and helped in not only what makes a great site but how to get there.

I’m still working on my site but as I do, there are things that come to mind from you class that help me. Mine is a little different in that your class used dreamweaver and mine is template based, the principles are still there, so continues to be a great help to me."
David Larson, Director
Missoula Christian Network

Barb Karst - Artist"My husband and I took a webpage design class from Nora McDougall at Dickenson Learning Center the spring of 2007. Her grounded approach to hands on web design, "tricks of the trade," and honest dialog motivated us to produce an online gallery. With my husband's computer savvy skills and my artistic eye, we developed a product that is logical AND visually pleasant. I like to think of my site as a "visual portfolio" in which galleries, clients, curators, friends and family can see my artistic development at the click of a mouse. I would highly recommend enrolling in this web design class from Nora at least once, if not several times, just to get a realistic sense of what it takes to get a site up and running. "
Barb Karst

Mountain Ash - Photo by Judy MatsonStudent 2005 - Ongoing
"I've been taking classes from Nora at the Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center since 2005. I'm a citizen with neither technical training nor marketing know-how who volunteers for a local non-profit. Our group wants to communicate effectively with our website visitors and Nora's classes provide the techniques to do this without being overwhelming. It's a win-win for both the website creator and the website visitor."
Judy Matson
Friends of 2 Rivers

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