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  1. Web Storefront Rip-Off
  2. Add Feature Newspaper and Magazine Articles to your Web Site
  3. Don't Take your Ball and Go Home
  4. I've Lost my Web Site
  5. So, When Do I Start Making Money from my Web Site?
  6. Lessons from
  7. How to Make Sure People Don't Use your Website
  8. Black Hat or White Hat?
  9. So, When Do I Start Making Money from my Website - Sites without a Brick-and Mortar Business
  10. So, When Do I Start Making Money from my WebSite? Shopping Site with Traditional Business
  11. Your Web Host: Friend or Foe?
  12. Text Areas to Plan for your Website – Even if it’s Already Up-and-Running
  13. The Benefits of Starting with a Small Website – and How to Get Started
  1. The Benefits of Webinars For Learning How to Develop Websites
  2. Wrong and Right Ways to Gather Photos For Your Website
  3. I Want to Be at the Top of Google - published on
  4. "Norman" Signs are Time-Wasters - published on
  5. I've Lost my Website - published on
  6. Is your Website Being Held Captive? - published on EzineArticles
  7. So, What Were you Trying to Say? - published on
  8. The Life Cycle of your Website - published on
  9. Traveling from the Ghost Airport - published on
  10. 11 Tips for Working with your Web Developer - published on
  11. Your Web Host: Friend or Foe? - published on
  12. What is JavaScript? - published on
  13. What is CSS, Anyway? - published on
Class Handout Articles
Class Exercises
  1. Social Networking: Twitter Spam: or Being Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Social Networking
  2. Web Marketing: Don't Expect Profits from a Neglected Website


  1. Dreamweaver 2: Set up tables to use for the rest of the course
  2. Flash: Exercise 1 - Using the Flash 8 Interface
  3. JavaScript: How to create an Alert in JavaScript
  4. JavaScript: How to Create and Use Variables in JavaScript
  5. CSS: Learn How CSS is Used in an HTML File
  6. CSS: One Simple Little Layer
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